About Our South Dakota Hunting Ranch

In the Summer of 2008 Jim and Andrea Olson purchased the 5,000 plus acres South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Ranch. Located in the South Dakota’s “Golden Triangle” of prime pheasant hunting – the ranch is located just north of Gregory. With scenic vista views of the buttes’ and the expanding South Dakota horizons to the south, Diamond A Ranch is truly breath-taking!

Strategic Farming for Pheasants

Jim Olson and Kevin Raymond spend a lot of time and money on strategically designing and planting top notch food plots that benefit the habitat for our wildlife on our South Dakota pheasant hunting ranch. Making this a bucket list destination for any upland hunter or sportsman.

Throughout the property you will see specific food plots that allow for birds to not only eat, but this provides excellent cover throughout the longer winter months. With our strategic farming for pheasants, we allow our hunters to take advantage of the lay of the land when walking through our fields. This places our hunters in the right places and the right times, showcasing an experience of a lifetime.

South Dakota Pheasant Ranch

When arriving at the Diamond A Ranch you will experience something unique in your hunting experience with us. Right outside your door there are thousands of acres of prime hunting land to enjoy South Dakota pheasant hunts. Your hunt begins without ever getting into a bus and driving. We have strategically set the lodge and hunting up like this so not only is there less running around to chase pheasants, but the after the hunt relaxing around the lodge can be just as exciting. From the crowing of the wild roosters, to the occasional visits of whitetail and mule deer crossing the horizon, wildlife is just steps away.

Meet Your Diamond A Staff & Guides